Empress Events And Retreats create events for the Empress Tribe to grow and evolve both professionally and personally by offering self-motivational days to assist the Empress Tribe through this Journey.

As for empowering all that come to visit our events, you receive the highest vibrational frequency from all members of the Empress Tribe.



The Empress Tribe offer you their amazing gifts to assist you in your transformation, healing, passion, future endeavours and spiritual gifts.



Powerful guest speakers teaching you about ascension, mediumship, psychic surgery, crystal ball scrying, stepping into the light, spiritual protection, Wiccan, awakening the soul's journey, healing on all levels, animal medicine, life-coaching, and motivation.



Get hands-on experience in our interactive workshops to equip you to utilise your new spiritual information.


Empress Events and Retreats offer heart-centred weekend retreats in Byron Bay and Maleny, and action-packed day retreats at Miami Marketta and Byron Bay.

Weekend Retreats: 


There are four retreats organised for 2020, focused on an interlinking series of transformational themes. Let 2020 be your year of Transformation.

Day Retreats:


Entice yourself away from your everyday life to immerse into the world of the Empress.