Meaning - I call upon the energy of this flame to open my heart to the masculine and feminine sides of my soul, showering them with love, love for myself, as i become whole. As i nurture me i know that only i can complete me, as i walk my own journey i allow love to come to me that vibrates the same as we walk beside eachother continually empowering our journey together. Once you balance and love yourself you will always attract a real love that will honour you. Thankyou Universal Divine. 

Sacred Love - 280ml

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  • Please do not leave the flame unattended once you have lit the candle. Please allow the candle to burn for at least 2 hours at a time to ensure the wick does not drown in the wax. 

    Read out your card that you recieve to enhance the energy of your candle when you light it for the first time.