Helping you transform to your highest vibration and ascend your spiritual growth journey.


Jodie Maio

Jodie Maio is an empathetic healer. Jodie works with high vibrational energy, she is Reiki Master/ Practitioner and uses her connection to spirit to channel through messages and guidance while using her healing modalities. She work intuitively as a healer while also giving guidance with readings on a healing vibration, during your healing experience. Jodie is the owner of Empress Events and Retreats and has created a very heart centred tribe to assist in transformation. Jodie has had the gift of healing and intuition since she was a little girl, her main focus is to help you to unlock the tools and assist you in your own transformation, with guidance through your healing journey. Distant healing is extremely affective as there is no time or space between energy. 



Hello my name is Pania, I am a Energy healer and very passionate about helping others through Intuitive Guidance - Reiki & Crystal healing


I am here to help calm your mind and heal your spirit allowing you to relax enough to accept the gift of pure univeral healing energy helping awaken the healer that is already inside of you.


I feel very blessed and honored, as my Energy healing has been passed down to me by my ancestors, on both sides of my family who are very spiritual and amazing healers.


Bridget Sherlock

I am a heart-centred intuitive clairvoyant with nearly twenty years experience working with crystal balls, tarot cards and oracle cards. I can connect you with passed over loved ones, your guides and Spirit. I can assist you in gaining clarity, finding your life path, discovering your past lives and anything you would like guidance with. I am passionate about assisting people on their spiritual journeys no matter where they are at any given moment.