Helping you transform to your highest vibration and ascend your spiritual growth journey.


I am Jodie Maio, the Owner of Empress Events and Retreats. I have been in the Spiritual World as an Empathic Healer, the successful owner of Eternal Phoenix Candles and Sprays, an Event Manager of Triple Moon Goddess Expos and I am a powerhouse of love to genuinely help souls to Transform to their highest vibration. I am embodying my extensive knowledge, experience, and amazing gift of wisdom into creating Empress Events and Retreats as a platform for souls to Ascend their Spiritual Growth journey.

Empress Event and Retreats has a Passionate, Highly Gifted, Heart-Centred Tribe to safely guide and support souls to access their own wisdom. The areas of expertise that the tribe have to offer cover various modalities of healing, clairvoyance, astrology, transformational change work, counselling, intuitive reflexology, massage and spiritual creators of powerful tools for change such as crystals, wands, liquid crystal, candles, crystal soaps, ritual tea, and other amazing products.


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